Yoga has been an integral part of my life for over a decade. I began practicing in 2007, and have fallen in love with many lineages over the years, eventually committing my life to teaching and running a yoga studio full-time. With a background in business and consulting and years studying yoga, I am honored to spend my time sharing the yoga practice, leading a community of inspiring teachers, and working one-on-one with entrepreneurs to help them bring their unique visions to fruition.

My Philosophy

I am a firm believe in yoga’s ability to transform people both on and off the mat. Through moving cities, starting new jobs, embarking on new relationships, and more, yoga has remained one of the most consistent and integral pieces of my life. Yoga means unity. Through the practice and study of yoga philosophy, I’ve learned to unify breath and movement, to see my unity with fellow beings in the world, and to increase my understanding of our connection to our planet.

Your yoga practice is your own. Each of us comes to the mat with different experiences, bodies, and minds. Over time, your practice will evolve. You may find that different lineages resonate with you at certain parts of your life – as I have experienced – or that you continue to find nuance by consistently practicing within one style. There are many paths, and as long as you find a yoga practice that helps you find mental clarity, knowledge, peace, and tranquility, you are on the right path.

Dive In

Please join me in developing a personal yoga practice, taking your yoga practice outdoors (on retreats and at festivals), or in taking a leap towards growing your own business.

With Love,

Jennie Light, E-RYT