Workshop Library

Please reach out if interested in scheduling one of the workshops below.



Learn-to-Lift: An Arm Balance Workshop – This two-hour workshop lays out nine principles for mastering arm balances - including an overview of philosophy and physics – warm-up drills, and ample opportunities to explore traditional and funky variations of arm balances.

Bend to Not Break: A Backbend Workshop – Backbends can be confronting poses to explore because they activate the sympathetic nervous system (or fight or flight reflexes). Yet, back bends are incredibly healthy for counteracting the effects of slouching over and for keeping the spine healthy. Learn to open the three key body parts required to safely and effectively back bend: the psoas, back, and shoulders, and then combine the three pieces in back bending postures.

Unlocking Inversions: Headstand – Headstand is often one of the first inversions students learn; and what an impowering feeling it is to hold yourself upside-down for the first time! In this workshop, students will learn the anatomical movements required to invert, discover which areas of the body are holding them back, and work towards mastering headstand with the help of mindful exercises and a supportive community.


Intro to Primal Yoga Flow - Yoga and martial arts are both dynamic forms of movement that work to cultivate and move energy. This two-hour workshop explores the synergy between yoga and martial arts, with a powerful flow and discussion of energy (prana and Qi), breath, the relationship between yin and yang, and postures.

Intro to Rocket Vinyasa Yoga – Rocket yoga is a methodical and high-energy practice based upon the Ashtanga Yoga System. In this workshop, students will learn about Nauli Kriya (a powerful breath technique), bandhas (energy locks in the body), and the three Rocket Vinyasa series, and have the opportunity to flow through an invigorating Rocket Vinyasa practice.




Unlock Your Untapped Power – Through this slow-moving and continuous flow that combines yoga and QiGong, students will learn to tap into their Qi & pranic energy. Centered around the element of wood from Chinese medicine, students will clear away blockages through the use of cathartic breath techniques and Kung Fu kicks integrated into a vinyasa flow. – 90 minutes

Reconnect with Mother Earth – The element of earth in Chinese Medicine is grounding. Reconnect with your root chakra and earth energy through low-flowing movements and circuitous asana. Close out the session with an extended earth-focused guided Yoga Nidra session that will allow you to turn in and reflect.

Artful Flow: Yoga, Live Music, & Art Events - Artful Flow events bring together artists, designers, musicians, yoga teachers, authors, and community members in a celebration of creative expression. Most include yoga classes with live music, and the opportunity to meet and support local artists. See photos from past events below.